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Thank you for your continued support of Urawa Reds.
We would like to inform you of the details and follow-up details of the adjustment regarding the venue for the second game of the ACL2022 Finals, which we recently reported.

It is the wish of everyone who loves Urawa Reds to hold the 2002 ACL Final at Saitama Stadium (Saitama Stadium) and win the championship, and that passion as a club has not changed. During the ACL semi-final, which is still fresh in our memories, many fans and supporters created the atmosphere of “THIS IS Saitama” by making the most of their home advantage. That’s why the players were able to warm up, run and fight. The club wants to create such a Saitama star with the fans and supporters in the ACL final and fight. Therefore, we are coordinating with Saitama Prefecture and related parties.
The contents of the negotiations with Saitama Prefecture are mainly the following two points.

(1) Postponement of Saisuta Shiba renovation works
In response to the team’s decision to qualify for the ACL Finals, we have sent a message to Saitama Prefecture staff regarding the postponement of turf repair work at Saitama Stadium in response to demand. of the Japan Football Association (JFA). In order to hold the ACL final in 2020, we have requested a one-year postponement of the set-up date. However, there was an official response from the prefecture that “it cannot be extended as construction preparations are already underway”. When the JFA approached us, we were able to postpone the project for a year while construction preparations were underway, so we would like to continue negotiations. Moreover, as early as November 2021, when the JFA submitted a request to the prefecture at the end of October 2021 and the prefectural governor replied that it was possible to cooperate in holding the event, the ACL final is scheduled in November 2022. As a result, it was impossible for the club to take precautionary measures.

(2) “Shortening the implementation period of Saisuta Shiba renovation works”
We asked about starting construction from March 2023, after the finale, or a shortened construction period.
If construction is to start in March 2023, after the final, the construction period will end after September and most of the 2023 season will be unusable. There has been an official response that it is physically difficult as it is a large scale repair work including replacement of the floor temperature control system, not limited to . Therefore, we decided that it would be impossible to shorten the construction period.

Saitama Prefecture has already agreed that we and Saitama Prefecture will carry out the turf renovation works at Saitama Stadium in March 2022 from the end of the 2022 season to mid-April 2023. With the explanation on the premise that ‘it is, as above, there was an official response that it could not be managed.
Even after receiving the response from prefectural staff, the club continues to consider measures to increase the possibility of holding the final match at Saitama Stadium. Given their physical strength, the mutual aid efforts of the Urawa Reds alone will not be able to reverse the situation. . We will continue to look for a way to organize the ACL final at Saitama Stadium, not only with the club, but also with the fans and supporters.

Along with the above negotiations, Urawa Red Diamonds has submitted a request to the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) to change the ACL Finals schedule, with the cooperation of JFA President Kozo Tashima and President of the J.League, Yoshikazu Nonomura. . In order to become the third Asian champion in the final of the international tournament in which we will participate with everyone, we don’t want to give up the Saitama stage until the very end.

The fact that we have been active in Saitama Prefecture and Urawa (currently Saitama City) for 30 years is the pride of us Urawa Reds, and it is a pivot that will never waver.

The club has not given up on holding it at the Saitama Star.
While continuing to establish a cooperative relationship with Saitama Prefecture, we will extend the construction period in anticipation of the Saitama Stadium and request the AFC for schedule changes, etc., and we will create a unique world in Urawa where everyone’s thoughts will reach the pitch and We will do our best to create a supportive environment that we can be proud of.

Urawa Red Diamonds

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