Samurai U18 Shogo Asano felt the difference with the rest of the world ‘There’s a better way forward’ Relief to win bronze medal | Full Count

.500 batting average in opening R, one home run, .100 batting average in Super R

Samurai Japan U-18, the Japanese national baseball team that played in the 30th WBSC U-18 Baseball World Cup (Sarasota, Florida, USA), will face South Korea in the 3rd place game on 18 (19th Japan time). They won 6-2 and took the bronze medal. Outfielder Shogo Asano (Takamatsusho), who hit the only home run in Japan at this tournament, said with relief: “There is a big difference between winning a medal and not winning it. I understood that. “, and I vividly felt the difference with the world.

Asano was active with 7 hits and 4 RBIs in 14 at-bats and a .500 batting average in 5 games in the first round, including the high school’s 69th hit in the game against Mexico on 10 ( 11). Although he helped lead the team in the Super Round, he struggled with 1 in 10 hits at bats and a .100 batting average in that Super Round. “It’s hard to experience things like the quality of the ball and the strike zone. I’ve learned that there are better things to do. If I don’t train more, I won’t be able to spend my life. baseball from now on,” he said.

The game against South Korea that day ended without a hit in three at-bats, but he walked on base in the second at-bat with a dead and a first and third in the second inning, increasing his chances. After that, outfielder Yoshinobu Kuroda (with Kyushu International University) pushes and advances to second base with a walk, and catcher Shion Matsuo (Osaka Toin), who is a close friend, hits the left forward in a timely manner. to get the fourth home run.

Asano said, “I’m glad Matsuo hit the ball when I couldn’t hit against Taiwan, USA and South Korea.” The team went for it and took 5 points in one shot this time and managed to get revenge against Korea.

Submit a professional application form on the 8th (9th) during the tournament. To fight at a higher level, I clearly understood what I needed. “I want to be able to compete with any opponent. With his experience in the world, he committed to being more active on stage.

(Kawamura Tiger / Kodai Kawamura)

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