Kenshi Yonezu “Chainsaw Man” teams up with Daiki Tsuneda for OP, ED is managed by 12 groups including Aimer and Vaundy – Music Natalie

  1. Kenshi Yonezu Teams Up With Daiki Tsuneda Again For “Chainsaw Man” OP, And 12 Groups Such As Aimer And Vaundy Are In Charge Of EDnatalie music
  2. Chainsaw Man – Main TrailerCHANNEL MAP
  3. “Chainsaw Man” Theme Song OP Is Kenshi Yonezu’s PV Release, All 12 ED Episodes Change Weekly[liste des artistes participants disponible]ORICO NEWS
  4. A new trailer for the TV anime “Chainsaw Man” featuring the song OP sung by Kenshi Yonezu has been released.Denfamico Gamer
  5. Morning Musume by Tsunku♂ and Kenshi Yonezu. “So! We’re ALIVE” Excited to sample “The Mass of Talent”natalie music
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