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ZETA DIVISION is pleased to announce the creation of the Super Smash Bros. Division. Brawl and the addition of three members, A-cola, Tea and Gackt.
ZETA DIVISION is pleased to announce the creation of the Super Smash Bros. team. and to welcome Acola, Tea and Gackt to the team.

【NEW TEAM, NEW LEGENDS, NEW STORY // Acola, Tea & Gackt】

[Création de la division ZETA DIVISION Super Smash Bros.]

Since the release of the first generation of “Super Smash Bros.” in 1999 he was dubbed “Smash Bros.” by players of all ages, from adults to children. About four years have passed since the release of the last work “Super Smash Bros. SPECIAL”, but it is known as a title that represents Japan without knowing that its popularity will decline.

The title is extremely popular all over the world, and when a new character appears (added to the game), it attracts the attention of many players and is a hot topic all over the world.

And many players gather on the stage of the competition of the same title, showing great excitement. Hundreds of national community tournaments are held every year, with over 70,000 concurrent users joining in the finals of one of the biggest tournaments, “Bonfire #8”.

Similar to Japan, the overseas competition scene is also showing enthusiasm, and many competitions of different scales are held throughout the year. Among them, Japanese players have fought well in many competitions and have excellent results.

Therefore, in order to support talented Japanese players who continue to challenge the world and accelerate their leap into the world, and in order to further excite the global “Smash Bros.” community, we have established the Super Smash Bros. division. Brawl as ZETA DIVISION rice field.


Since the first “Super Smash Bros.” title was released in 1999, players of all ages, from children to adults, “SSB”. is a household name. The last title, “Super Smash Bros. SPECIAL”, released almost four years ago, its popularity has not waned and it is known as one of the most popular titles in Japan.

The popularity of the title is extremely high all over the world, and each time a new character is introduced, it attracts the attention of many gamers and creates a huge buzz all over the world.

And the competitive scene of the title also attracts a large number of players, creating a lot of excitement. Hundreds of community tournaments are held in Japan every year, and the final match of “KAGARIBI #8”, a large-scale unofficial tournament, attracted more than 70,000 live viewers.

The international competitive scene is just as passionate and exciting as the Japanese scene, with many tournaments held throughout the year at different scales. Among them, Japanese players are doing well in many competitions and have achieved great results.

In order to support these talented Japanese players who continue to challenge the world and make great strides on the world stage, and by extension, to animate even more the “Smash Bros. community, we decided to create the Super Smash Bros. team.

[Un cola, un thé et un Gackt se joignent]

A cola, Tea and Gackt will join the SUPER SMASH BROS division.

Welcome Acola, Tea and Gackt.

We are happy to announce that three new members, Acola, Tea and Gackt, will be joining SUPER SMASH BROS. crew.

Cola (Akora)


A young supernova who appeared like a comet, the best player in Japan who conquered a major national tournament in just a few months. All of her playing skills are top-notch, and her strong ability to read herself when in close contact with her, as well as her exceptional sense of smell that never misses a game, are outstanding.
Moreover, his mental toughness in the face of adversity, such as picking up a victory from behind after picking up two points, is one of the reasons why he is Japan’s strongest.

A young superstar appeared out of the blue, now recognized as the best Japanese player, conquering all major domestic competitions in just a few months. He is known for his first-class playing skills in all of his plays. Extremely talented in close combat and has an excellent sense of smell to close out the match. Also known for his mental toughness, he returns after losing two games.

Favorite food: Carbonara
Non-gaming hobbies:Tetris
Currency: None

Favorite in-game character: Luigi

Favorite food: Spaghetti Carbonara

Hobby other than games: Tetris

Currency: –

Favorite in-game character: Luigi

I want to join ZETA DIVISION and do my best!
“As a ZETA DIVISION player, I want to do even better!”

Tea (Ti)


The most powerful Pac-Man “Tee” in the world. His unique strength is his delicate play and slow, steady attack backed by his high base ability. Pac-Man, which has been used for many years, has many cooperative techniques that are truly craftsmanship and maximize Pac-Man’s potential.

He also has the side of an entertainer who doesn’t forget to react to viewers behind the camera, and his acting skills attract a lot of fans.

The strongest Pac-man player in the world. His unique strength lies in his tricky play and unreadable attacks, based on his high base skills. The many coordinated moves he performs with Pac-man, which he has been using for many years, are a true work of art, and he draws Pac-man’s full potential.

He never forgets to entertain the audience behind the camera and combined with his playing skills, he attracts many fans.

Favorite food: Millefeuille fondue
Non-gaming hobbies:play with friends, sleep
Currency:weaknesses are strengths

Favorite in-game characters: Pac-Man, Kazuya, Captain Falcon

Favorite food: mille-feuille casserole

Hobbies other than games: playing with friends, sleeping

Motto: My weakness is my strength

Favorite in-game character: Pac-man, Kazuya, Captain Falcon

< Message Thé >

I am happy to join ZETA. We will do our best to become the strongest team in the Super Smash Bros world. SP. Thank you for your continued growth!
“I am very happy to join ZETA DIVISION. I will do my best to become the strongest team in the world Smash Bros SP. Keep your expectations high as I continue to grow!

Gackt (gakuto)


The strongest Ness user in the world, both in name and in reality, is recognized by everyone. He continues to use Ness so regularly that his name is always mentioned when it comes to using Ness. Tricky fights that incorporate moves unique to Ness are exactly the Ness Meister.

His strength is his fast playstyle, and he sometimes brings the room to life with his innovative fighting style. Furthermore, he also focuses on distribution activities and posting videos, and has attracted many fans with his addictive personality and light-hearted talk.

The strongest Ness player in the world that everyone recognizes. His name is always mentioned when people talk about Ness players. A true Ness-meister who uses delicate moves unique to Ness.

His strength lies in his frontline and fast attacking style of play, and his innovative moves promise to excite the crowd. He also puts a lot of effort into streaming and videos, attracting many fans with his unique and addictive personality as well as his light-hearted talk.

Favorite food: Mapo tofu
Non-gaming hobbies:travel
Currency:Unhappiness is like a tied rope

Favorite character in the game:Nes

Favorite food: mapo tofu

Non-gaming hobby: Traveling

Motto: Fortune and misfortune intertwine

Favorite in-game character: Ness

< Message Gackt >

Life has been long and frantic, but now is the time to tighten the loose ties. It is now. Thanks.

“I have lived a life of hard work and dedication. I have lived my life with great zeal and vigor, but now is the time for me to bond again.”


a Coke – Twitter / Tic / Youtube

Tea – Twitter / Tic / Youtube

Gackt- Twitter / Tic / Youtube

[Annonce de la campagne commémorative de création de la division Super Smash Bros.]

The following campaign will take place to commemorate the creation of Super Smash Bros.

■ GIVEAWAY campaign where the ZETA collaboration PC is won by one person

Application method:
1. LEVEL ∞ (Infinity)[Officiel]TwitterWhenZETA DIVISION Twitterfollow
2. RT the campaign tweet sent by ZETA DIVISION Twitter

Deadline 09/23 (Friday) 23:59

■ Distribution of OFF coupons of 5,000 yen (tax included) that can be used in the ZETA collaboration (WEB coupon code: ZETA0917)

* Points to note when using coupons

・Multiple web coupon codes cannot be used at the same time.

・You must register as a PC Kobo WEB member or Special Professional member to use this service.

・You can get a discount for up to 5 target CP once per person.

·Other detailsherePlease see the page of

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