Kill Wife by Drinking Methanol or Arrest Pharmaceutical Company Husband Ota Ward, Tokyo | NHK

In January this year, the Metropolitan Police Department arrested a 40-year-old husband who works for a pharmaceutical company on suspicion of murdering his wife in an apartment in Tokyo’s Ota district for killing him. , according to an interview with an investigator. I understand.
My husband is responsible for drug research and development, and the Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the details.

In January this year, Yoko Yoshida (40), who lived in a bedroom in an apartment in Nishimagome, Ota Ward, lost consciousness and was taken to hospital, but later died.

According to investigators, methanol was detected in the body and the cause of death was “acute methanol poisoning”.

The Metropolitan Police Department was investigating the situation at the time, but on the 16th, Kasuke Yoshida (40), a husband who works for a pharmaceutical company, was arrested on suspicion of murder for killing his wife by making her drink methanol. what I learned from the interviews with the investigators.

So far, investigations have not identified how he obtained the methanol or how he ingested it, but according to investigative sources, the husband had occasion to handle methanol while he was working in drug research and development on this.

The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the details as the history of outside purchases, such as off-the-shelf items, have not been confirmed.

He is said to have denied the allegations against any investigation by the Metropolitan Police Department.

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