His Excellency Demon “Street Fighter 6” on commentary-Den Famiminico Gamer

  1. His Excellency Damon will explain himself in Street Fighter 6Denfamico Gamer
  2. “Street Fighter 6” Ken, Edmond Honda, Blanka and Dhalsim will be there! Character creation items and a “mini-game to destroy a car” are also released. His Excellency Demon Kogure is in the commentary[TGS2022]Famitsu.com
  3. [TGS2022]Game report “Street Fighter 6”. Check out the performances of Guile, Julie and Kimberly, which were released for the first time in the world4Gamer.net
  4. [TGS2022]A life-size figure of Chun-Li welcomes you to the Capcom boothGAME Watch
  5. Street Fighter 6 World Tour, Fighting Ground, Battle Hub Game Mode TrailerCapcom Channel
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