Fujimi model, “1/700 Shintoku 023 Japanese Navy Battleship Musashi (1942 / when completed)” shipping starts today! (ImpressWatch)

[Voir une autre image liée à cet article]This product is a 1/700 scale plastic kit of the battleship “Musashi”. After construction was completed in August 1942, the appearance of around October when the remaining construction was completed was replicated. The parts including the shell and the bottom plate are molded in two colors: gray and transparent. The deck and funnel are laminated left and right. The newly added 25mm 3-barrel machine gun (without shield) and modified in specifications this time comes with conventional castings and precision castings used in 2018, making it a selection formula. □ “1/700 New Special 023 Japanese Navy Battleship Musashi (1942/Completed)”[Contenu joint]・Runner x 19 ・Assembly Manual x 1 ・Decal x 3[Decals Attached]・Warship flag, Japanese flag, shipboard A decal that contains machine markings.・A decal that includes draft notation, chrysanthemum crest on the bow, and ship name notation on the stern (two types : gold and warship color). ©FUJIMI. All rights reserved.

HOBBY watch, Kurafuru

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