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On the third day of the Grand Sumo Autumn Tournament, Ichiyamamoto, the 13th maegashira of Iwanai City, won and claimed his second victory.

On the 13th, the Grand Sumo Autumn Tournament held at the Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo entered its third day.
Ichiyamamoto, who started with a win but lost on 12, faced Terutsuyoshi, the 15th maegashira. .
Hokuseiho, the 9th jūryō player from Mongolia and raised in Sapporo, defeated the 10th jūryō player Tokushoryū with a “sticky”, making it 2 wins and 1 loss in a row.
On day 4 (14th), Ichiyamamoto, who was ahead of the winner, will face Kensho, the 15th maegashira, and Kitaseiho, who won consecutively, will face Kaikatsu, the 9th jūryō.

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