Shohei Ohtani’s new ball lead makes Altuve smile bitterly and amazed Change from 43cm to 158.5kg | Full Count

A sinker that felt a ball and hit in three strikes

■ Angels 6-1 Astros (11th time in Japan, Houston)

Angels pitcher Shohei Otani, who started the game against the Astros on the 10th (Japan time 11th) as “#3 pitcher and DH”. With a new ball sinker that was recently added to the ball, there was a scene that overwhelmed Astros 2017 MVP infielder Jose Altuve and caught the attention of fans.

“MVP Showdown” between MVP of 2017 and MVP of last season. In the third inning, he pitched against Altuve, who was at bat as the leadoff batter, and even one of the major leagues’ best hitters was stunned. The third ball of 1 ball 1 strike is a 98.5 mile lead (about 158.5 kg). 17 inches (about 43.2 cm), Altuve misses the ball which sinks into the inner skylight and smiles ironically.

Rob Friedman, a pitching analyst known as the “Pitching Ninja”, also featured this ball on Twitter. When I spelled “Shohei Ohtani, 99 mile lead (Altuve was impressed)”, the Japanese fans said, “What is this…? What is this? ?” www”.

[Vidéo réelle]Even Altuve laughs… Video of Shohei Otani’s 158kg lead showing incredible sharpness

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