“Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun Gaiden River City Girls 2” Pre-orders for the packaged version with deluxe benefits have started overseas! (Spark Game) – News from Yahoo!

[Toutes les 12 images + 1 vidéo]Package version with deluxe benefits

Standard Edition ($39.99) There’s also a cover ($9.99, PS5/PS4/Nintendo Switch version only) that combines all three River City Girls games into one. Classic Edition ($64.99) Image is the PS5 version Physical disc content Retro-style box Official soundtrack CD (2 discs) Reversible poster ― World Map Ultimate Edition ($99.99) Image is the PS5 CD version (2CD) GROUP POLAROID REVERSIBLE POSTER – STICKER PACK BEEBOO 2 TALKING VAMPIRE PLUSH BACK WORLD MAP Figure Set Boss Emblem Enamel Figure Set ($44.99, $99.99) Kyoko Figure Set ( $49.99) 3 Face Plates 3 Types of Hand Baseball Bat Fish Separation Bench 1/2 Misako Figure Set ($49.99) 3 Face Plate 3 Types of Hand Frying Pan Separate Bench 1/2 2-Body Set ($99.99) Includes Misako and Kyoko figure set plus Trash Godai. “The Art of River City Girls” Art Book ($49.99) Yearbook-style hardcover art book with T-shirt artwork ($24.99) Super soft and comfy unisex t-shirt. Cap ($29.99) Snapback cap with a sticker printed on the brim. Sticker Bomb Skateboard Deck ($74.99) Skateboard deck with sticker printing. Commemorative coin ($14.99) Commemorative coin with the logo on one side and Marian and Prouvy in color on the other. Tarot Cards ($19.99) A 78-card tarot deck containing major and minor arcana cards. Comes with a tackle box for storage. Both can be pre-ordered in Japan, and the game discs are region-free and include Japanese as well. The reservation period is until October 23, local time. “Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun Gaiden River City Girls 2” will be released in Japan on December 1 on Windows (Steam) / PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X|S / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch.

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