VR Survival Shooter “Into the Radius” Inspired by “STALKER” Meta Quest 2nd Edition Released (Game Spark)

[2 images + 1 vidéo]Influence on the “STALKER” series

This game is a solo work developed from a first-person perspective using virtual reality. It is said to have been influenced by the Strugatsky brothers’ book “Roadside Picnic (Stalker)” and the “STALKER” series developed by GSC Game World. Explore at your own pace In this work, players will participate in a dystopian open world in the Pechorsk region of Russia where anomalous phenomena have occurred, and Kalashnikov AKM, Makarov pistol, SKS carbine, Beretta M9, ​​​​PPSh, FN SCAR, etc. With realistic weapons, old and new, as the primary weapon, the player explores at their own pace while battling strange hostile creatures. As a feature, it is possible to have an experience similar to finding artifacts of “STALKER”, there is an abnormal space where damage occurs in the field, and in this work, you can obtain objects important and complete quests by throwing empty cartridges and assess the range of influence, reach, etc. Additionally, guns can be handled similarly to realistic VR shooters, including slides and reloads, but ammo can be loaded one by one from the ammo box in the feeder in advance (automatically by sticking the two together). a single bullet directly into the magazine by hand), reloading is also done by removing the magazine placed in the pouch or backpack, and cleaning with tools for gun wear and bale clogging. There are also unique specs such as gesture undo. Regular updates after release Like the PC VR version, Meta Quest 2 will undergo a major update once every 2-3 months after release. The “Into the Radius” version of Meta Quest 2, which also has a shooting range in the works, is available in this Quest Store for 2,990 yen. The PC VR version is available on Steam for 3,090 yen.

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