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Red Bull’s Max Verstappen slams retirement conspiracy theory as ‘absurd’ and ‘hate’ goes unchecked after fellow strategist Hannah Schmitz was defamed. I have asked social media companies to take additional action.

Yuki Tsunoda retires from the Dutch F1 GPAbout On SNS there are malicious anonymous posts and messages that Red Bull has agreed with Alpha Tauri to support Verstappen, and Mercedes representative Toto Wolffanointed

According to RaceFans Verstappen ahead of Italian F1 GP, AlphaTauriCondemning conspiracy theories in strong languageHe said he was “satisfied” with what he had done, but stressed that these events “shouldn’t have happened” in the first place.

“First of all, it’s already silly to have this kind of thinking. Do you think it’s possible in this sport? And how can you do that, pointing out hatred against an individual? I don’t understand why

“At the end of the day, we don’t really care what other people say on social media, but that shouldn’t have happened in the first place.”

Not only was the team targeted on social media, as AlphaTauri said it was “disrespectful to Hannah and us” and that “the slander of cheating is unfounded and unacceptable.” I did not do it.

Verstappen said it was “really disgusting” for a female strategist to be attacked, but insisted “Hannah is a really strong person” and would not give in to mean, heartless remarks.

“I think she knows what her job is and I don’t think it’s something that needs to be discussed face to face. I don’t think she’s on set this weekend.”

“Obviously I could mention it when I see her, but maybe I shouldn’t pay too much attention to it, because these people[les théoriciens du complot]don’t deserve it.”

Verstappen also called on operators of social media services such as Twitter and Facebook to take additional steps to prevent malicious posts.

“I think more needs to be done against hate,” Verstappen said.

“Companies seem to be doing a bit more, but not enough, because you can create multiple accounts and still use them.”

“Even if an IP address is blocked, it can still work elsewhere, and people are smart enough to get around it.”

“Social media continues to grow, so it definitely needs to find a solution.”

“Overall, I think[les médias sociaux]are a great tool, but I think there are downsides.”

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