“Maneki Kecak”, who also held a live Budokan, Matsushita Reina’s drunken “Slurred speech” video has leaked! Entering and exiting the host club | PREMIUM female weekly

“It’s almost like I ‘stepped out’ of an idol, so I understand the feeling of wanting to get out of the way, but…”(Restaurants in Kabukicho, Tokyo)

Three members of female idol group Maneki Kecak announced their graduation in April this year. Miyu Nakagawa (27), Rin Miyauchi (24) and Reina Matsushita (23) will leave the group at the same time next spring.

Participate in a common party as a minor

Each member is now“Giving back to the fans”However, the behavior of Matsushita, who is considered the “absolute center”, is seen as a problem by some of those involved. The two videos obtained by “Weekly Women PRIME” areIt was a scene in which a drunken Matsushita spends the night happily.

Maneki Kecak is a so-called “underground idol” group that debuted in 2015. In 2018, they managed to perform at Nippon Budokan, which had been their goal for a long time, and are a super popular group that often serve as a final performer at idol events. However, this year, the original members at the time of formation, including Matsushita, announced their graduation next spring. Matsushita is a popular member who serves as a center and has released two photobooks so far.

“Such a Matsushita, but once in 19 years he was suspended due to scandal. ・ Participated with Miyauchi.

Although the management office denied the allegations of alcohol consumption, it said, “There is a need to impose some kind of punishment just for participating in such events while being a minor or an idol. I abstained from activities for months. ”(entertainment writer)

At that time, Matsushita“I worried a lot of people because of my reckless actions that caused misunderstandings. (Omitted) We took this situation seriously and self-imposed restraint for a month. I will do my best to get it back .”apologized. It was a shock to many fans. And three years after the incident, has Matsushita changed his mind?

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