KinKi Kids Celebrates 25th Anniversary In Shimamura Fashion Center TV Ad For 25 Yen – WWDJAPAN

Fashion Center Shimamura (hereinafter referred to as Shimamura) will air a TV commercial featuring KinKi Kids. KinKi Kids become “Shimamura Detectives” and patrol the store, and will be released in the Kansai region on September 9 and nationwide in November.

It is based on the “#Kinki 25 yen commercial appeal” campaign commemorating the 25th anniversary of KinKi Kids’ CD debut. . Shimamura applied for the same campaign and won.

KinKi Kids commented, “I actually wore Shimamura clothes for the photo shoot, and they were surprisingly comfortable. I think Shimamura has a lot of cute clothes and great deals. There are approximately 1,420 stores nationwide, from Hokkaido to Okinawa. ,” he said.

The song “The Story of Us” will be used for the commercial. It was written and composed by the two members of KinKi Kids for “#Kinki 25 yen commercial appearing,” and they say, “I hope it will be a support song for people and companies all over the country.” The release date of “The Story of Us” is not yet decided.

Shimamura commented, “I want you to enjoy ‘Shima Patrol’ (Shimamura Patrol) at your nearest store like KinKi Kids.”

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