‘I’ve never seen such a good pitcher’ Praised for surprising ‘advice’ ‘I want you to teach me the tricks’ | Full Count

Menez gave up with ‘no no’ five times on his first Japan start

Nippon-Ham pitcher Conor Menez made his first start in Japan against Lotte at ZOZO Marine Stadium on the 8th. Until the 5th inning, he gave up without a hit or run. His fastballs and sliders were sharp, but what caught the eye was his skillful restraint. Fans are also surprised and say, “I’ve never seen such a good pitcher.

The left arm back, who joined in July, gave Chatani a walk in the third inning with two kills, but it was Ogino’s turn at bat. Before throwing the 2nd ball from the 1st ball, it is held at first base. Chatani, who jumped, was out at second base without slipping his head. In the 4th inning, Takabe, who has the league’s best 36 stolen bases, was hit by a pitch on an out, but was caught again with a perfect miss and died from a steal.

There are a lot of foreign players who are not good at the end game, but Menez who allowed runners to go out and ride the waves. When the official ‘Persol Pacific League TV’ YouTube posted the video, the comments were praised, ‘I want the pitchers to teach me to keep a check’, ‘The first no-hitter starter is wonderful, ” ”Right egg” and ”I want another Lead.” rice field.

[Vidéo réelle]”I’ve never seen such a good pitcher.”

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