Horror Relay Series “Tonight’s Nightmare” 25th Night Selector / Tom Brown Michio “Spell” (Film Natalie)

[Image]“Tonight is also a nightmare” 25th visual (3 more)

In the 25th episode, Tom Brown Michio presents “Spell” by Sam Raimi. He spoke of the charm of this work, which is peppered with “fear and laughter induced by the balance of fear and stupidity”, while sharing his own experiences. Article / Tom Brown Michio (column), Tajiri Waka (work introduction) ■ An old woman with dentures is drooling…!!! A dirty old woman is scary and funny!!! Hello, I’m Michio Tom Brown. Pao Pao (^-^) What I’m going to put in your head today are “spells”!!!!! Coupled with self-respect, it’s a moment when laughter wins out a bit. But after all it’s scary, dirty and unpleasant !! The film has a wonderful balance. It’s “spell”! This time we bring you director Sam Raimi’s horror! Synopsis: The main character, a woman who works in a bank, treats an old woman rudely. This angers the old woman. The old woman comes to the parking lot to attack the protagonist. The old woman at this time is scary. I’m scared of that old woman, but she’s a weird idiot with her dentures falling off. However, he is still scary as he attacks the main character with extremely violent moves! And it’s dirty! It’s intense and dirty, but it’s a bit silly and a bit funny! Coupled with the fact that the people watching are seeds that the main character has sown himself, the laughter outweighs the fear. That feeling is still a masterpiece from director Sam Raimi, a master. The scene where the old lady with her dentures drools and bites the main character’s chin is absolutely terrifying! By fighting like this, the main character will be cursed by an old woman. Will the main character be able to resist the death curse??!! I highly recommend this movie, so please ride through the lingering summer heat with this movie!!! Is not it?? I did it. A group of city students forming a circle on the street drinking. I went there and got in trouble, and knocked over all the furniture in my partner Nunokawa’s house. I’m sure some of you have an idea that’s a bit mean. In this sense too, I can sympathize with the main character who suffers from being a bit mean. But !! After all, the main character is no good, so do your best! It’s more interesting than that, but it wins. Lol Good then, at the end, I will recite to everyone!! Come on, play ping pong! And sorry for the director!! ■ Tom Brown Michio Born December 29, 1984 in Hokkaido. Started activities with Hiroki Nunokawa from the same high school in 2008, and officially formed a duo in 2009. Attracted attention with the “combined comedy” which was presented in the final of “M-1 Grand Prix 2018”, and currently appears in “Ariyoshi Wall” (Nippon TV). “Tom Brown Nationwide Five Major Cities Tour 2022 “Gacho Juichiro”” also takes place. Belongs to the Kadash scene. ■ “Spell” (2009 production) This work was directed by Sam Raimi, known for “The Evil Dead”. It depicts the three days of terror spent by a woman who resents an old woman who is struggling to repay her loan and is covered in spells. Alison Lohman of “Big Fish” played Christine Brown, who suffers from various mysterious phenomena, and Lorna Raver played the old woman who cursed her. * “Spell” is available for unlimited viewing on U-NEXT (c) 2009 Curse Productions LLC. All rights reserved

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