Possibility of applying the “Otani rule” to Omi and Yamada… How will Samurai J play in the U18 World Cup with 7 rounds? | Full count

U18 World Cup kicks off in Florida on 9, manager Mabuchi declares Asano No.1

The Japanese high school national team “Samurai Japan”, which will participate in the “30th WBSC U-18 Baseball World Cup” from 9 (10th Japan time) in Florida, United States, will be in its second day on the 7th (8th). The U-18s will adopt a 7-inning system for the first time in this tournament, and the so-called “Otani rule” will be adopted, which allows the number of pitches to be limited to 105 and the starting pitcher to play as a designated hitter even after leaving home plate. With a tight schedule of 9 games in 10 days, what kind of battle will Mabuchi Japan show as they aim to be world number one? I looked for the key.

The second day of local practice held on 7 (8). Athletes no longer suffered from jet lag and trained closer to real competition. On hitting, Kaito Ito, who was protecting third base in Osaka Toin, was placed on first base, and Shion Matsuo was assigned to the sheet batting shortstop defense. Director Shiro Mabuchi, who says, “It’s all-out war,” seems to be preparing for every possible scenario.

The seven-round system will be adopted for the first time from this tournament. Coach Mabuchi also said, “The game is ending as we think we are going to come back from behind.” We need to be more aware of the first goal. The key will be the appointment of Takamatsusho (Kagawa) and Shogo Asano’s No. 1 outfielder.

He is the number one player in all of Ritsudai and Waseda University’s practice matches in Japan, and the kickoff match against the Japanese varsity team. Coach Mabuchi also revealed that after the first day of home practice on the 6th, Asano would be number one and Koryo (Hiroshima) Yuta Utsumi would be the fourth infielder. A total of 68 hitters in high school, but in Koshien this summer he has 5 walks (including 1 intentional walk) and 2 stolen bases in 3 games.

In the free throw that day, he used a wooden bat to hit the center with a powerful ball over the fence. The goal is to get more rounds than a big hit, even if it’s just a turn at bat, and you want to connect it to a score. One reason may be the familiar batting order, as he was the No. 1 batter in Takamatsu Sho.

As pitcher, 148kg right-hander Ikimori will be named starting pitcher, and “Otani’s rule” will be applied to Yamada.

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