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KOMPLETE 14 is a modern music production package with all the tools producers, composers and sound designers need. Get inspired, find your creative flow, and get professional sound fast. It is possible to create innovative soundscapes by designing, combining and processing sound making full use of sound sources and effects. It includes machine learning mastery software that will help you through every step of the creative process, from starting production to professionally finishing your finished track. KOMPLETE 14 offers four series: SELECT, STANDARD, ULTIMATE and COLLECTOR’S EDITION. Whether you’re looking to add inspiration to your beat-making workflow or get the latest tools for pro-level songwriting, you’ll find the perfect pack for your studio. KOMPLETE 14 COLLECTOR’S EDITION is the premium version that includes almost everything Native Instruments has to offer, including advanced orchestral libraries, the latest composition tools, a huge collection of expansions, and more. Includes 115 instruments, 32 effects and 103 expansions. KOMPLETE 14 ULTIMATE adds a huge variety of synths, samples, effects, and an extensive collection of composition tools for film and orchestra. Includes 108 instruments, 31 effects and 62 expansions. KOMPLETE 14 STANDARD is the heart of the KOMPLETE collection, covering all genres of sound: flagship synths, KONTAKT and REAKTOR platforms, creative and studio effects. Includes 67 instruments, 26 effects and 38 expansions. KOMPLETE 14 SELECT is a carefully selected high-end version of the tools necessary for music production, such as synths, keyboards, pads, percussion and effects suitable for sound design. Includes 14 instruments, 4 effects and 8 expansions. “KOMPLETE 14 Series” September 27, 2022 Manufacturer Direct Selling Price (VTC) KOMPLETE 14 SELECT ¥26,800 KOMPLETE 14 STANDARD ¥80,600 KOMPLETE 14 ULTIMATE ¥161,300 KOMPLETE 14 COLLECTOR’S EDITION ¥242,000

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