Jumbo Takao as Top Otaku Kumasa in Drama “Oshi Martial Arts” (With Commentary) – Comedy Natalie

  1. Jumbo Takao Acts as Top Otaku Kumasa in Drama “Push Martial Arts” (With Comments)funny natalie
  2. Drama Version “If My Favorite Goes To The Budokan, I’ll Die” Main Visual Released The Visuals Of The Two Main Otaku Characters Have Also Been Facelifted (Page 1/2) – NetoraboNetorabo
  3. “Push martial arts” Hirohiro Toyoda as push lover base, Takao Jumbo as top otaku Kumasa (with commentary)comic natalie
  4. The main visual for the live drama “If My Favorite Pop Comes to the Budokan, I’ll Die” starring Sayuri Matsumura has finally been released! Rainbow’s Yuta Toyoda and Takao Jumbo are the new cast members who play unique otaku! The comments have arrived!model release
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