Closing Review of Former Prime Minister Abe’s ‘State Funeral’ Opposition Party ‘Insufficient Explanation’ | NHK | state funeral

Regarding the “national burials” of former Prime Minister Abe, Prime Minister Kishida asked for understanding by explaining the reasons for their implementation during the closing review of the Diet held on the 8th. side, the opposition parties criticized that it was not enough to repeat the conventional point of view, and it seems that the debate between the parties in power and the opposition parties will continue.

On the 8th, during the closing review of former Prime Minister Abe’s “state burials” organized by the House of Representatives Committee of the House of Representatives and the House of Representatives, Prime Minister Kishida said that Mr. Abe had been Prime Minister. for the longest period in constitutional history. Besides showing the reasons, he explained that the expected cost of around 1.66 billion yen is a reasonable level even compared to past events.

On the other hand, he humbly accepted the indication that the explanation so far was insufficient, and asked for his understanding by expressing his intention to check after the “state funeral” took place.

On the opposition side, Izumi, the leader of the Democratic Constitutional Party, said, “Prime Minister Kishida’s response is a statement from the government’s point of view so far, and I don’t think the public is convinced. “.

And there is an opinion that the implementation will not be approved as it is, and that it will be a “cabinet funeral” like many former prime ministers in the past.

However, with less than three weeks to go until the state funeral is to be held, the government plans to continue with preparations as planned, saying it is difficult to review the state of the funeral and that it is likely that cross-party talks at the power and opposition parties Continue.

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